Macrame Plant Hanger
Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger

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Style: Macrame

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Olivier: If you've ever been to Antwerp, you'll understand that it's essentially a town. It's so little. It was strange living below during that time due to the fact that you went to the epicentre of style. There was so much focus on it. Like Raf stated, you recognized all the designers because you studied at the Academy and you were interested in them. It's not like there was something magical there, they were just these individuals that you knew who you would certainly encounter on the road. But they were practically like rock stars for us in vogue. We were all affected and motivated by those individuals. You started to understand that also in a little town like Antwerp, in a tiny country like Belgium, you can in fact do something on a worldwide scale.In 1979, Donna

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